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About our school:

School name: Sybiracy Junior High School no. 2 in Augustów

School address: ul. Nowomiejska 41, 16 - 300 Augustów

Conduct authority: the Town of Augustów

Principal: Henryka Rzepecka


School's mission:

Sybiracy Junior High School no. 2 in Augustów supports the individual development of our students and prepares them well for the next stage of education and for life in a rapidly changing world with respect for the traditions and human values, it teaches to be with others and for others.

Sybiracy Junior High School no. 2 in Augustów "was born" on September 1, 1999. Its rise was associated with education reform in Poland.


Beginning with the creation of our school, we set several priorities, including:


  • being friendly to both a student and his/her parents;
  • providing comprehensive development of personality and good preparation for the further stages of education;
  • teaching respect for oneself, others, shaping attitudes of patriotism, respect for tradition and history of "small" and large Homeland;
  • providing security, teaching basic principles of coexistence in a group

We hope that we have already managed to create a school climate that helps young people find their place in the world and gives them a broader view of the contemporary world. It is our dream that our graduates will be able to make responsible decisions and the right choices in life, following the acquired system of values.


The school currently teaches 240 students. They attend 9 branches, including three integrated classes. To offer the best development for our students, the school cooperates with various educational institutions and others, which support its operations. Among them are Town Council, Sybiracy Association, County Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre, District Family Support Center, Community Center, Municipal Commission of Alcohol-Related Problems, Parish of St. John the Baptist, sport clubs, town sports centers, Social Welfare Center, County Police Headquarters, Fire Department, District Court, Center for Civic Education, Association of Friends of Sybiracy Junior High School no. 2 in Augustów, District Employment Agency and also many private persons.


Our school employs 35 teachers. These are subject teachers, a pedagogue, a psychologist and supporting teachers. There are 23 board-certified teachers, 7 nominated teachers and 4 contract teachers. Our teaching staff is continually gaining new qualifications, e.g. among our teachers there are 6 oligophrenopedagogues, 3 teachers are qualified to teach pedagogic therapy and 2 to conduct classes preparing for family life. Many of them completed various types of postgraduate studies and a number of forms of professional development. There are also employed 3 administration workers and 5 service workers.


The school comprises 17 workrooms, including one computer room, a non full size gym, a small exercise room, an office of a pedagogue and supporting pedagogues, nurse's office, school canteen and a library.

The school is currently after a big renovation, the building was insulated and it looks aesthetically: new windows, changed central heating, flooring in several rooms, elevation. The school's surrounding changes as well: the new fence, parking, stone-cobbled school premises, new lawns and shrubs. Desks and chairs were changed too. Our base of education materials is a long-serving one, however, its resources are expanded whenever possible. The collection of books in our school library is being systematically completed. Teachers and pupils have the opportunity to benefit from a permanent internet connection within the school, particularly in the school reading room- school media center, teachers' room, computer lab and in individual classrooms.


Lessons and extracurricular activities:

The school operates on a single shift. All pupils learn two foreign languages (one language is obligatory). Our school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities (over 20). We offer our pupils participation in research, artistic and sports circles, including: European School Club, school theatre, voluntary work, circles concerning singing, playing instruments, IT, photography, playing chess, etc. Participating in extracurricular activities enables young people to rationally spend their leisure time, while developing a passion. Our pupils compete in contests and competitions, they carry out their own projects, various charity events and special occasions.



Major school projects (completed and remaining):

  • "School of Excellence" ("Szkoła z klasą") - our Junior High School was the first in the town that won the first edition of this action.
  • "Model Pupils" ("Uczniowie z klasą").
  • "ECO-Friendly School" certificate.
  • Continuous cooperation with the Sybiracy Association and annual participation in "March of the Living" in Białystok.
  • Participation in the nationwide project "School without Violence" ("Szkoła bez przemocy").
  • Student exchange with Sybiracy school from Nowy Sącz.
  • Student exchange with Italian school from Porto Ceresio.
  • Cooperation with the Center for Civic Education.
  • Annual participation of students in the "Project Citizen" ("Młodzi obywatele działają").
  • Participation in the "Relay of National Parks" ("Sztafeta Parków Narodowych").
  • Annual participation in the Schuman Parade in Warsaw.

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Nasz Adres

Gimnazjum nr 2
im. Sybiraków
ul. Nowomiejska 41
16-300 Augustów
087 643 22 30

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